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Your most targeted dollars are spent when consumers are at the shelf right in front of your brand.
Today's shopper is distracted, disinterested and disloyal. What you do at the shelf has never been more important.
76% of purchase decisions in-store are unplanned. Use this to your advantage.
the last ten feet at the shelf often determines whether a brand is bought or not.

We are Walker.

An entrepreneurial collective of creatives, nerds and marketers.

Walker is not fashionably late to the party recognizing the importance of in-store marketing. With 25 years under our belts, we have not only seen, but helped conceive and grow the presence of visual merchandising and persuasion since 1993.

Our focus, and client success, has been in high growth, highly competitive market segments within mass merchant and supermarket channels. We have honed our experience with high frequency shoppers, often cost conscious heavily female skewed guests of retailers with even higher expectations for their marketing partners to deliver relevant and compelling in-store communications. Building experiences and brand environments of varying scale — this is what we do. Not an add on thought to a traditional ad agency, or a printer offering tactical production of elements, or a start-up offering ‘shopper marketing’ services. We are Walker, An In-Store Branding Agency.

An Instore Branding Agency.

We put over 25 years of in-store, out-front experience on display each day in over 40,000 stores. Providing smart creative, insightful strategy and an array of next generation products that leverage dimensional, digital, video, touch and mobile opportunities at retail.

Finish Strong.

Walker In-Store, 3161 Dalton Court, Monticello, MN 55362